Dear Santa

There is someone I would like you to meet. Last year she was not home for Christmas. My baby was in hospital, so I am not sure you’ve heard of her yet. She is a very sweet little girl, with a lot of courage, perseverance and a lust for life. She is a real fighter and has definitely earned a spot on your Nice List. Her name? Bommel! 

Don’t worry, her wishes are tiny. She is very content to receive some cuddles, pureed fruit or a ride in her stroller. Anything that rustles or makes funny noises makes her happy. I don’t know what kind of tunes you have at your disposal, but I am sure my daughter would love to hear them. I promise not to be startled by a nightly cacophony. Trust me, you can’t make her any happier than by singing to her! 

My wish list
Credit:  Kirill Kedrinski, 123RF Stockfoto
My own wish list, however, may be somewhat trickier to fulfill. Tell me, how long does it take you to deliver a barrel full of happiness? And is there room enough in your warehouse to store a super-sized portion of health? A ribbon large enough to fit around a big shot of improvement? My daughter’s wishes may be small, but my wishes for her are bigger than I had ever imagined possible. I can totally understand if my requests are taking you by surprise, just weeks before Christmas. I do hope that you will be able to grant them this year. However, if that’s not possible, I would like you to keep my wish list for next year. A pre-order bonus would be greatly appreciated!

The best gift
You see, dear Santa, if there is anyone who deserves the-best-present-there-has-ever-been, it is my sweet little girl. She is only 1 year old and she has been battling for her health for that whole year. She had to undergo several surgeries and lots of medical tests and we don’t know what lies ahead. The only thing I can give her is all my patience, all my attention, all my love and all my heart so that she can grow up to be the beautiful person that she actually already is. And because I believe that she deserves the best, it would be wonderful if you could lend a hand. 

A message
I have no idea if you have access to e-mail or if you can send me a tweet or a WhatsApp message. It would be great to know if my wishes are in stock. And if I place my ‘order’ before 12 am, will the package be delivered the following day? That would be absolutely marvelous! However, if you cannot fill my order, then kindly let me know. 

In that case, please send me a crystal ball and a magic wand. 
They would go a long way! 

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