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Almost five years ago our search for a diagnosis for Bommel started with a doctor saying: “We suspect she has Down Syndrome.” It turned out that that was not the case. After many other medical detours and tests, we finally participated in the whole-exome sequencing DNA test. This test has 20 – 30% more chance of finding a diagnosis. However, in our case, no diagnosis has been found…

Dear Fiene

When I came to pick you up from school, you rushed over to your teacher. You told her that your little sister Bommel had come to pick you up and you were glowing with pride as you stood beside me & her. To anyone that passed us in the schoolyard, you said beaming: “This is my sister!” That moment made me realise that you deserve to be put in the spotlight. So, this is my letter to you…

14 things that become normal when you have a special needs child

Things that, if you think about them, are actually quite abnormal, become normal when you have a special needs child. In our case with our daughter, I didn’t really notice it happening. However, abnormal has become my new normal...