7 doctors show how it’s done!

Videos that show doctors or other healthcare professionals handling children without the use of restraint and without pain nor stress are great to watch. A sense of humor and music can also be beneficial during a hospital visit. Just like paying real attention to someone, taking some extra time and adjusting to what a child needs in that moment. 

Could you hold your daughter tightly for just a second? - the use of physical restraint in children's hospitals

This is THE question I get asked most often when in hospital. And no, I’m not talking about giving my little special needs girl a big hug, this is about physical restraint. It seems like an innocent question because it’s only ‘just a sec’, right? Well, for my daughter it’s never just a second. And every time I wonder: is there any other way?

Dear Santa

There is someone I would like you to meet. Last year she was not home for Christmas. My baby was in hospital, so I am not sure you’ve heard of her yet. She is a very sweet little girl, with a lot of courage, perseverance and a lust for life. She is a real fighter and has definitely earned a spot on your Nice List. Her name? Bommel!