What would you do differently?

'If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?’ I was asked this question during a Danish medical congress in Copenhagen. I was the keynote speaker and had just given my lecture on procedural distress and the use of physical restraint with my special needs daughter. You’ll read my answer in this blog.

When I die

Ever since becoming a mom, I started to grow more preoccupied with my own mortality. What happens when I’m gone? As far as my oldest daughter is concerned, like any parent, I try to prepare her for life as well as I can. To my best ability I am raising her to feel empowered and to be independent. But bringing up my youngest, my special needs daughter, is a totally different story…

The day my daughter got her wheelchair

A few years back we were given the opportunity to test an adjustable highchair for kids with special needs at home. My daughter was about 1,5 years old. Reluctantly I pushed the highchair into our kitchen. I thought to myself “No way this chair will last the weekend!”. It’s going straight back to the rehabilitation centre, where it belongs! My little girl is going to learn how to crawl and then, hopefully, she will be able to stand and walk. And we won’t even need all those special devices. None of them!